Niebieski tramwaj

Samochód ciężarowy z czterema naczepami

Jacht z żaglami na morzu

Pronet Color specializes in the production and distribution of professional coatings for rail and road transport as well as stationary and portable constructions.

Perfect Plus and Palinal paint systems are complete and multifunctional systems. In addition, in terms of type, we have polyurethane, acrylic, alkyd or base products in solvent and water-borne systems.

The systems can be used on structural steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, as well as plastics and laminates.

Public and freight carriers focus on effective protection against graffiti. In our portfolio of Perfect Plus and Palinal systems, we offer both colorless varnishes with anti-graffiti properties and varnishes with special anti-graffiti properties applied on a clear coat.

Important features of our 2K and 1K coating systems for public and freight transport are approvals (IC, POLREGIO, PKP CARGO), graffiti protection, color and gloss stability, fire protection, UV protection, process reliability and easy handling and quick drying.

Are you looking for a tested system that meets the requirements of fire protection? Our offer includes fire-resistant coating systems (primer, putty, filler, varnish) that have been tested in accordance with DIN EN 45545-2.

Our offer also includes a line of high-quality products that meet the specific requirements of manufacturers and buyers of luxury yachts. This system guarantees innovative painting cycles and contains formulas with special and exclusive color effects ("shot effect", "chrome effect", metallic, pearly). The coating products have a low environmental impact and comply with the strictest European regulations on emissions to the atmosphere.




  • Railway vehicles (locomotives, wagons, EMU vehicles)
  • Public transport vehicles (buses, minibuses, trams)
  • Special vehicles (trolleys, network vehicles, airport vacuum cleaners)
  • Trailers and semitrailers
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Containers
  • Garage gates
  • Steel structures
  • Yachts
  • Trams in the hangar

Tramwaje w hangarze



  • Vehicle components (bumpers, walls, ceilings, fronts, casings, etc.)
  • Constructions
  • Airplanes (ultralights)
  • Yachts




 In the industry section, we offer two multifunctional paint systems, they are:


logo prefect

  • the system is complete and works properly as a full paint coat
  • all products developed on the basis of knowledge and many years of experience in the application and implementation of technology of varnish products
  • The Perfect Plus color range includes more than 4,000 colors
  • each color sample in the palette corresponds to the general European color standard RAL, NCS, Pantone, BS or the colors of vehicle manufacturers
  • the colors are mixed according to the recipes given in the color program
  • each recipe contains a certain volume of binder in the mixture, which each time gives the coating its unique chemical properties
  • our offer includes products that meet the requirements of Directive 2004/42 / EC (of the European Parliament and of the Council on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds)

The Perfect Plus system is:


mixing system consisting of concentrated pigments


a wide range of binders that give coatings different physical and chemical properties


epoxy, anti-corrosion, filling, etching, modified


polyester putties with different working lives, spray putties


matte and glossy, for use with the Perfect Plus system products


a range of products adapted to various temperature conditions and products for special applications


a diverse range of products adapted to the size of the surface and environmental conditions during application


anti-silicone, anti-graffiti, direct to metal cleaners



logo polypal

  • multifunctional paint system with a wide range of industrial applications
  • high quality and system capabilities meet the various requirements of the industrial market
  • 24 concentrated primary colors
  • 63 binders with different chemical properties that determine the quality of the coating
  • more than 40,000 color recipes
  • recipes and mixing ratios are available in the PalColorFinder color program and in the color book
  • series 607.0820 and 607.0822 meets the requirements of Directive 2004/42 / EC (of the European Parliament and of the Council on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds)