Painting equipment

Our offer includes a wide range of painting equipment used for painting small and large automotive and industrial elements. The painting technique consists mainly of painting tools and materials, accessories available with them, as well as spray painting equipment.

We have such painting equipment as:

  • spray booths and preparation stations,
  • spray guns,
  • filtration systems,
  • paint pumps,
  • filters,
  • washing devices,
  • distillers,
  • Pneumatic surface preparation tools.

All our paint accessories come from proven manufacturers, and their use allows for great precision and accurate distribution of paints and varnishes in the automotive and industry

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Spray guns

Spray guns are a necessary element of every painter's equipment. They allow you to apply varnishes to small areas of the car body - also difficult to access.

We have spray guns:

  • high pressure - the most popular, widely used and perfectly cooperating with large surfaces,
  • low pressure - they are suitable for painting small and large areas; they are more economical, the application of the products generates a small amount of paint mist.

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We have paint pumps for painting large elements that are used in many industries and guarantee full safety of users during the work performed.

We offer paint pumps:

  • pneumatic,
  • electric,
  • combustion,
  • high and low pressure.

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Washing and filtering devices

Our offer also includes a large selection of washing and filtering devices. We have modern and functional washing devices (automatic and manual) for guns and tools used for water-based and solvent-based varnishes. You will also find distillers for recovering organic solvents. Both of these devices are made with the use of a special construction technology, which ensures full safety of use and meets European environmental protection standards.

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Filter device

Filtration devices, suction devices, central dust extraction systems in our offer are a great solution for industrial paint shops and paint shops. These products are perfect for customers on global markets. They are compatible with power tools and pneumatic devices.

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Top-quality pneumatic tools from an American manufacturer for surface preparation. Hand-made, professional products with a strong and light structure. All grinders are powered exclusively pneumatically, which guarantees safe work in the paint shop.
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