Producer of paint systems - offer

Pronet Color - a distributor and manufacturer of paint systems - has a wide range of solutions for the industry and automotive industry. We not only have high-quality paint coatings, which are solid and durable, but also everyday devices needed in paint shops and companies specializing in external painting. We deal with professional advice and the selection of solutions dedicated to a given substrate or type of element.

Our offer includes:

  • industrial and automotive paints and varnishes,
  • spray booths,
  • painting support devices - spray guns, paint pumps, distillers, filters, washing devices, pneumatic tools and others,
  • additional materials, such as tapes, abrasives, shielding, polishing materials or security systems.


Industrial and car paints

The industrial and automotive varnishes we offer have many applications. We specialize in products for rail and road transport, stationary and portable constructions, as well as all body parts of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. Our assortment includes the necessary products for both color and coating. As a producer of anti-corrosion materials, we have the appropriate professional knowledge and industry experience, which allows us to also provide consulting in this area. Customers cooperating with our company appreciate this possibility because it makes them sure that the product they choose will be perfect for a specific project.


Automotive paint coatings available in our assortment are primarily well-known and respected brands such as Perfect Plus and Palinal, including: Multicryl 900, Hydropal120, Polypal 607. We also have products for plastics. In the case of industry, we rely on products from manufacturers such as Perfect Plus and Palinal.

Our company provide professional distribution, expert advice and technology selection. We also have a training center and our own laboratory. We make qualitative tests of varnish materials and coating properties. You're welcome!