System protectives of GELSON

Founded in 1960, Gelson is a chemical company that in more than 40 years of outstanding growth and development has created a wide assortment of protection, sealing, painting and polishing products and systems for a large number of fields including the automotive, industrial and boating sectors and many others. Gelson has made quality and innovation the main features of its customer-oriented services.


  trade name code description  
SYSTEM PROTECTIVES OF BODY CAR 767 SYSTEM PROTECTIVES OF BODY CAR 767 24-20291(24-20315) COATING 767 Underbody coating, quick drying, overpaintable. Bituman based underbody coating. Abrasion-water-heatproof.specific weight: 1Lt=1... more
SYSTEM PROTECTIVES UNDER BODY  POKER SYSTEM PROTECTIVES UNDER BODY POKER 24-20320;24-20950;24-20955;24-20960 POKEROne-component sound-proofing, high solid protective. To protect and recreate the original effects of underbodies, side panels etc.. It's quick drying... more
  WATERBASED SYSTEM PROTECT OF UNDERBODY CAR WB 24-20850;24-20860 SEAL WATERBASED BLACK, GREY 1 lt.Dry fast protect coating , waterbased. Create with the think about natural enviroment. High quality coating, fulfil all norms applying... more
SYSTEM FOR POLISH 1276 SYSTEM FOR POLISH 1276 24-40301;24-40303 PASTA COARSE-GRAIN FOR POLISHING BLACK 2 lt.,400 ml Dilutable with water 1335 ABRASIVE SHINNING PASTE: It doesn't leave halos. Dilutable with water,... more
844 SEALANT BY BRUSH 844 SEALANT BY BRUSH 24-30161 844 SEALANT BY BRUSH:Gum-based product. Oil and hydro carbons resistent. Good adhesion also on a painted metal. more
ANTiCORROSIVE GEL PROTEX ANTiCORROSIVE GEL PROTEX 24-25201 GEL-PROTEX Wax-based anticorrosion treatment for boxed elements, motor housing etc. Forms a long-lasting film. Easy to apply with the... more
PUTTY KNIFE EPHOSTAL PUTTY KNIFE EPHOSTAL 24-10491 EPOXY PUTTY KNIFE Resistant in the temperature till 220°C . Is fitted to use under powders... more
PUTTY KNIFE WITH GLASS FIBRE PUTTY KNIFE WITH GLASS FIBRE 24-65120 PUTTY KNIFE WITH FIBRE GLASSPoliester putty with fibre glass. Excellent for maintenance plastic... more
  SYSTEM INSULATE GEL FLEX 24-30410;24-30415;24-MS30532 MS-FLEX 425 BIAŁA, SZARA kart. 310 ml. Substance insulate for bind and weld. Without izocyjaniade and solvents. Good for painting. NAUTIFLEX 335-UV kart. 310 ml.Acrilic... more
PROTECTIVES SYSTEM UNDERBODY SCUDEX PROTECTIVES SYSTEM UNDERBODY SCUDEX 24-20751 SIDE SCUDEX:High solid spraying two-component polyurethanic protective. Greatly resistent, is seals and soundproofs the internal parts of the body-car. more